5% Alpha Lipoic Acid

overnight treatment concentrate

15 ml - 0.5 fl oz          30 ml - 1.0 fl oz

• Stimulates collagen production
• Brightens the skin and reduces discolouration
• A potent antioxidating active

Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) is a potent antioxidant - known as the universal antioxidant - which is naturally produced by our own bodies and within plants. As an antioxidant, it attacks free radical compounds which can cause skin damage and changes related to aging.

Formulated to a maximum concentration of 5%, this treatment smooths skin, increases brightness, and diminishes the size of pores. 

SKIN EFFECTS · reduces pigmentation · reduces fine lines and wrinkles  

This overnight treatment concentrate is suitable for normal/ combination skin, including oily and sensitive skin types, unless allergic to essential oils.

For sensitive skin types, use more sparingly.

FRAGRANCE Subtle, non-cloying natural vanilla scent. No essential oils. 

Suitable for PM. Apply a few drops to wet skin after cleansing. Massage into the skin, letting the oil blend with the water and soak into the surface. Then allow to dry naturally. This creates softer, more supple skin, ensuring adequate hydration.

This is a powerful active treatment, use sparingly 2-3 nights every week. Do not use simultaenously with retinoic/ retinol based treatments.

Alpha lipoic acid is an organosulfur compound; over time the scent may naturally change slightly, this is normal. 

simmondsia chinensis (jojoba)*, glycerin*, alpha lipoic acid (thioctic), vanilla planifolia (vanilla) fruit extract*, rosa damascena (damask rose) flower*.


All our oils unrefined and cold pressed, sourced only from sustainable growers who do not use synthetic pesticides or chemicals at any stage of the growing process.


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