about your body, your skin, our nature

We first started formulating out of a necessity to find products which didn’t cause our skin to become irritated and break out. Formulations comprising of natural ingredients - without any potentially harmful chemicals- completely healed our skin.

On our journey for healthy skin, we realised the importance of knowing our own skin and our bodies. Here, we share our notes. For understanding how they work, and how skincare products work, can help us better protect and improve our skin.


Our skin barrier protects against the environment. Harming it damages our protective layer, increasing risk of blemishes and age-related changes.

This is why

(a) moisturising
(b) using skin-friendly products

are so important to maintaining our skin barrier.

How does moisturising work?
Moisturising creates a thin protective film over our barrier and helps prevent moisture loss and dry skin. Dry skin reduces the integrity of our barrier.

What products should I avoid?SOAPS AND SURFACTANTS
Soaps and surfactants should be avoided when washing the face, as these can be harsh and strip the skin of its own oils, causing either very oily of very dry skin.  So avoid any products which are foaming or contain sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate.

This is why oils and clays are the gentlest yet most effective methods of cleansing the face. 

Alcohols also strip the skin of its own moisture. Avoid ingredients such as alcohol denat and benzyl alcohol.