day / night treatment concentrate

15 ml - 0.5 fl oz          30 ml - 1.0 fl oz

• Aqua-light texture • Oil-regulating formulation 
• For clear, lucent skin • Anti-oxidant dense

A blend of cold-pressed, unrefined, non-comedogenic seed oils with calming german chamomile, french lavender and wild palo santo oils. From experience, blended oils are better tolerated and soak easier into the skin than single oils. This facial oil contains is high in natural antioxidants and works well to regulate skin oils preventing excess oil production which leads to oily skin. It is a super light-weight texture and soaks deep into the skins’ layers.

blemish-reducing · softening · moisturising · oil regulating

Fresh, light, with subtle fruity undertones and a hint of palo santo.

HOW TO USE Suitable for AM and PM. Apply a few drops to wet skin after cleansing. Massage into the skin, letting the oil blend with the water and soak into the surface. Then allow to dry naturally. This creates softer, more supple skin, ensuring adequate hydration.

Tsubaki oil [ camellia japonica ]  —  is also known as the “Geisha’s secret”. It contains triolein, which is a component of human sebum. This makes it excellent at regulating our own production, reducing the oiliness of our skin. It is light and absorbed rapidly into our skin. 

German chamomile [ chamomilia recutita ]  —  contains chamazulene, giving a beautiful blue colour. It calms the skin, reducing redness and any irritation. It is also anti-oxidating. 

Passionfruit [ passiflora edulis ] —  a rare, light oil high in linoleic acid (vitamin F) a vital vitamin for the skin which cannot be produced by our own bodies. Gives skin suppleness and is moisture-locking.

Wildcrafted palo santo [ bursera graveolens ] —  contains oil of sustainable, wild-sourced palo santo which is calming and has a deep, lovely scent. 

camellia japonica (tsubaki) flower oil*, carthamus tinctorius (thistle) oil*, passiflora edulis (passionfruit) seed oil*, chamomilla recutita (german chamomile) oil*, lavandula angustifolia (french lavender) oil*, bursera graveolens (wildcrafted palo santo oil) wood oil, pelargonium graveolens (geranium) oil*, tocopherol (vitamin E), jasmine sambac (jasmine) flower petals.


All our oils unrefined and cold pressed, sourced only from sustainable growers who do not use synthetic pesticides or chemicals at any stage of the growing process.


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